Thursday, August 5, 2010

August Long

Hello all!

So I havn't blogged in a while because nothing too exciting has happend. But I thought I should blog a little bit about the august lond weekend, seeing as it is the busiest time of year for our hotel. So every august long weekend in Kelowna they have a festival called Center of Gravity. What it is basically is is a huge party. There are a bunch of artists that come up, such as Karl Wolf, Steve aoki, Naughty by Nature and so on, as well as a bunch of watersport competitions as well as land competitions like vollyball. So basically everyone who like to party comes to kelowna for this weeked, which mean ths Grand was PACKED! Not only were we all booked up, but every day of the long weeked people would be calling trying to get a room. So you can imagine how bust our hotel was. Poolbar was a gongshow. We had a security guard act as a bouncer at the enterance of the pool checking to see if the guest was infact a guest and if they were on the rooming lise (list that says all the names of the people staying in that room). So of course we kicked alot of people out because the Grand pool is the place to be, and everyone was trying to get in. I mean, what other hotel has a pool bar that serves drinks and food to you by the pool without you even having to move? Answer: no hotel, just the Grand.

Friday was the start of the long weeked so everyone by the pool was just down to get rowdy. Tequilla shots and all. We had a quick meeting at 9am before we started to set up the pool bar at 10am just to go over whats allowed in the pool area, whats not allowed, being careful not to over serve and so on and so forth. It was a very busy day for sure but I finished up and settled up with all of my customers just before 5pm. Another worker then took over my section while I did my cashout then lucky me, I got to go over and work at the liqour store. It was smokin' busy but only one guy was scheduled to work, so I offered because I was one of the only poolbar servers that knew how. I worked until 9:30pm and left the other worker to close up at 11pm. Apparently after I left though he got rocked which ment sunday I would have to stay until 11pm. So after working a 12.5 hr day I was glad for it to be over.

So saturday comes nice and early at 5:35am because I was working the coffee shop at 6:15am. Not the best time to start work but at least I am done by 1:30pm so I get to enjoy the Kelowna sun. I was training a girl from banquets in the coffee shop that day so it was nice having the extra help. She used to work at starbucks so I didn't have to teach all the drinks, only how to work the till and do room charges and folio charges and such. Saturday was pretty relaxed.

Sunday was the worst day of life. I started at 10am and had the biggest and rowdiest section yet. I didn't have a sip of water util 3:30pm because it was just non stop. There was never a break, someone always wanted another drink.....or 5. After cashing out around 5pm I went over to the liqour store yet again....after a nice omg I hate my life cry. Yes cry, that is how bad it was. Anyways the liqour store is pretty easy so I had time to take a breather and have a quick bite to eat. I worked untill 11pm and we had to have a security guard stand outside the liqour store ad only let in a certain number of people at a time. Since Center of Gravity ended at 10pm and we were the closest liqour store, between 10pm and 11pm we were crazy busy. We sold out of almost every 2"6, 40, and 60 pounder we had in the store. It was nuts!!

So thank goodness this week has been relaxing. Monday I was called off because it was too cloudy to open poolbar, and tuesday we didn't open poolbar until 1pm because the weather channel was threatening with thunder showers. I had yesterday and today off so I cleaned my room, went on a hike, and had a nice girls night with the girls from the grand. Not too sure how busy this weekend will be but I will keep you in the know. That is all for now. Xo

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