Thursday, July 8, 2010

Goals progress

As the summer is getting into full swing I have really been working on my goals.  I have been showing initiative at work simply by offering my availability to work whenever and do whichever job they may need me to do.  By doing this I have been able to work in every f and b position the hotel has to offer, minus vines lounge because I am underage.  Here is a list of them to give you an idea: in room dining, coffee shop, pool bar, liquor store, banquets, restaurant, and the wine tasting table.  This has come in handy because the other night I was working in the restaurant and no one showed up for the liquor store pm shift and I was the only one working that night that knew how to do the final cash out and closing procedure, as well as complete all the duties required during the duration of the shift.  My supervisor was very happy that I was there and luckily everything worked out great.  

My next goal, making new connections, has been slow in progress.  We have mainly been having a lot of families on vacation so networking has been a bit tough. I still continue to tell people about my work term while making small talk while either making their coffee or bringing them to their seat in the restaurant, and I have got amazing feedback as well as good advise too that has been helpful.

Fitness has defiantly been lacking.  I was going to the gym alot when the weather was bad, but with the sun out it has sort of come to a halt.  Right now I am visiting in victoria but when I get back that is defiantly something that I need to pick up on.  

Budgeting has been going great.  When we go grocery shopping we buy everything on sale and only buy what we need.  Since shopping in Kelowna is not so great I have saved money in that area as well.  My goal is to be able to return back from co-op and not have to work while I am back.  By the way things are going I have no reason to see why this would not happen.

Work has been great!  I have been working pool bar as well as coffee shop and it has been great.  Lugging everything for pool bar all the way from banquets down a bunch of stairs however is not my favorite thing do do in the heat of the day, but it is defiantly worth it.  Right now I am in Victoria, I arrived yesterday and I go back saturday morning.  It is soooo nice to be back home.  Dorothy was right, there is no place like home.  I miss my friends and family a ton so seeing them has been great.  Also seeing my horse, I miss riding more than ever.  Well thats all for now, but I hope everyone is enjoying this beautiful weather and doing great with their co-ops.  Bye for now.. 

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