Wednesday, June 16, 2010


Now that I have received feedback on my goals I thought that I should share them. When I first picked my goals I wanted to have a balance between goals in my work place as well as outside of work. My first goal that I chose was to receive "with distinction" on my first co-op work term. To achieve this not only do I have to show initiative and put in my time at work, but also into my blog and any assignments we may have. Getting to know more industry professionals was my second goal. This goal will help me to make usefull connections and hopefully help me find my second co-op job. Improve my eating and fitness levels was my third. I think a healthy lifestyle is very important when it comes to succeeding. If you are eating unhealthy foods and not excercising you are more likey to feel not so great which will deffinately not help you at work. My last goal is to budget myself so that I am able to save some money this summer. I want to be able to come back from co-op and not have to have a part time job so that I am able to better focus on my studies.

This weekend my dad came to visit me. It was really nice to see him since I have not seen him in two months. He surprised me at work on saturday when I was working in the coffee shop. I looked up and it took me a few seconds to realize what was happening haha. When I was off work we went to the beach because it was 29 degrees outside. No big deal. Then we went to my favorite sushi spot, Momos. If any of you come to Kelowna this summer I will take you there. It is probably the best sushi I have ever had. No joke. Then on sunday we went out for breakfast than I had to work at 2pm.

Work was pretty busy on sunday because every sunday we have a sunday brunch and it is always packed. So when I come in at 2pm to host there is usually alot of duties to complete. Mainly just making sure the dining room is all set and there are no dirty tables. At about 3pm I had a very mysterious customer come in. She was wearing sunglasses and asked for a table outside on the patio. The patio was not open but she insisted to sit outside so we opened it up just for her. As soon as I brought her to her table she ordered a glass of Jackson Trigg's icewine and a glass of Cipes brut. I asked her if anyone would be joining her and she said yes but the two wines were for her. She said she liked to mix them together. Anyways, I told her server what she had ordered so when she went outside she had the two wines for her to mix. She kept walking up and down the lagoon and talking to random guys with boats. To be honest I thought she was a prostetute. She also kept coming in and making phone calls from our phone, it was very unusual. Finally she said that the two gentlemen that were suppostue meet her were no longer coming. She kept ordering more icewine and champagne and then finally dinner as well. Her bill was racking up, and when it was at $121 my supervisor "blank" suggested we get some information from her because she looked very suspicious. Her server, "blank", went outside with a name card (something we usually do for guests to make them feel more welcome. It is simply a peice of paper that says the table number, the name of the customer, and the room number) and asked her for that information so that she could serve her better. The woman said that she was in room 911 and her name was "blank". When we looked up room 911 there was no one by the name of "blank" staying there so my supervisor called security and they went outside and asked for a room card. She could not provide this, or any identification at all. So my supervisor called the RCMP and they came onto the patio and asked her how she was expecting to pay for her bill. She told the RCMP that her "agent" comes and pays for everything, she "apparently" doesn't pay for anything. Anyways, the number she gave us we called and the guy did not seem interested and was not coming so she was arrested. She was taken out of the restaurant in handcuffs and was put in the back of a police car. The duty manager looked further into what else she had bought at the hotel and it turns out she charged $800 worth of procedures and products at the spa to room 911. Apparently the spa didn't catch her bluff but we sure did. She is apparently quite well known in Westbank for doing this and she is going to jail and being charged for fraud. Very exciting day at work!

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