Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Wow, learning tons!

So I know I was hired to be a pool bar server, but our bossTarrah Macpherson has us doing absolutely everything food and beverage. Just last monday I did liqour inventory for the entire hotel which was crazy! It took me and my supervisor Ryan 7 hours to complete it! This week I have started working in the liqour store at the Grand called Grand Spirits. I had a 2 hour training shift and was suppostue have another but my boss said I didn't need it so yesterday I was on my own doing the morning shift form 10:45am to 4:45pm. It was fairly straight forward. Ringing in alcohol and then stocking the shelves and cleaning and what not. I also had to place a beer order which was kinda cool, saying all the different codes and amounts. Deffinately alot different than what I have been doing but I really liked it. Today is my day off but I am back in the liqour store wednesday and thursday again, and than hopefully pool bar will be open this weekend because it is suppostue be 27 degrees!!!!!!

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