Friday, May 28, 2010

First month of working at the Delta Grand

So we have been here over a month now and settling in has been easy. We moved into a brand new building called Skye at Waterscapes which is a short five minute walk away from the Delta Grand. Our first week we used to settle in and unpack all of our stuff. Luckily my dad had a moving van and was able to take all of our stuff up in one load. And by the time we got here it was all unpacked! We just moved a few things around, unpacked our clothes (which took hours!) and went for our first grocery shop. I don't think we will ever have as much food as we did the first week living here. We got a little carried away with groceries but managed to get all the basics and then some. Food is expensive!

After about a week we were all getting pretty antsy about to working so we emailed the HR director Shari Avery and she met with us the next day. The first day was just mainly filling out paper work, getting lockers and server keys assigned, and a brief tour of the hotel. Our contract didn't start until May.1st, but we ended up having our first training shifts on April.26th. Since I was hired to be a poolbar server but it wasn't quite open yet, our food and beverage director, Tarrah Macpherson, had us doing everything food and beverage. Everywhere from coffee shop to in room dining, to hosting, liquor inventory, wine pouring for wine tasting and everywhere inbetween. Poolbar still has yet to open, only for one day so far, because the weather just has not been warm enough. So each week our shifts change and we are always learning new jobs. It has been an amazing experiance so far but I am really looking forward to when poolbar is open everyday. Once it gets nice it will be open weekends, and then by mid june once kids are done school it will be open everyday. It is actually the perfect shift. Ten am to six pm! Not too early, not too late.

As for the people at work, everyone is extremely friendly. I think the whole 5 interview thing at Delta is great. They really do hand pick their employees. I have never worked with a better staff ever. Everyone is so willing to always lend you a hand, or when they need help they are very appreciative. I think this also puts the guests in a really good mood. We try to always be very personable with our guests. For example when I host in the evening I am asked to politely ask the guests last name and room number so that we are able to serve them better. By having the servers welcome the guests by a "hello Mr.Smith how is your day going so far?" really puts a smile on their faces. And when the servers print the bill they also put the guests name at the top and room number. This assures the guests that their bills have not been mixed up and the server knows you more than just a guest in for dinner and out in an hour or two.

Working at the Delta Grand so far has been amazing and I know that as the weeks go on I will continue to learn things that will help me in my future in the hospitality industry.

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