Sunday, August 15, 2010

Florida anyone?

So after august long the hotel seemed to die down for a couple days but now business is booming. Pool bar has never been busier and it has been great! We have a fantastic team out there so even when it is super busy we still have time to laugh and joke around. This week a girl working in the liqour store got a visible peircing which Delta does not allow. She was told to take it out and she didn't want to so she quit on the spot. This means more liqour store shifts for Taylor and two other poolbar staff because we are the only other ones trained in here. Its kinda cool being able to work in every department, gives me lots of hours and swithes it up a bit so I don't get bored. I love working in the liqour store so I was kinda excited that I have two shifts in here this week. Poolbar is deffinately more fun and you make more money because of tips but when it is 37 degrees out sometimes it is nice to be in an airconditioned workplace. Luckally I have days shifts and poolbar boys have the night shifts. People who buy liqour at night are kinda sketchy. I've only worked one night shift in here alone and since then they either have two people on or I work days because its a bit scary. Creppy drunk guys trying to make a pass at you....not fun!

As for goals they have been progressing slowly. I've managed to save some money which has been nice so I don't think I will have to work for the ten weeks that I am back. Living a healthy lifestyle has been progressing as well. Currently I am on a cleanse called Isagenix. Basically my first two days I have one meal and 2 shakes that replace my other two meals. Then the next two days I drink 4 oz of this sick nasty stuff every four hours plus tons of water. Then for the next 5 days I go back to 2 shakes and a meal, than the last two days I go back to drinking that gross stuff every four hours. Its a total of 11 days and right now I am on day 7 and it has been going great. I have way more energy, and I don't feel all groggy when I wake up. I've also been hiking knox mountain alot with lauren, which by the way in 30 degree plus weather is not easy, as well as running at our gym.

So Florida hey! Sounds like such an amazing experiance!! Little pricey, but I'm sure it would be worth it. I am deffinately considering going. It is a bit far away from home, well alot far away from home, but I think since I moved away for my first work term it would be alot easier than if I had just stayed in Victoria. Whistler is of course still on my mind as well. I will most likey apply for both just to keep my options open. My dad is all for it, he actually took a few courses there as well and said it was amazing. Well will see, alot of things can happen from now till then so keeping all options open I think is the best desicion for me. If anyone has any suggestions or is also thinking about going send me a facebook message or something, I would love to talk about it!! Well that is all for now, xoxo Taylor

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