Saturday, August 21, 2010

I love boats!

If you live in Kelowna you must make friends with someone that has a boat. Luckilly I have made a few so these past few days i've been out on the lake, which by the way is so incredibly warm its not even fair that the ocean is so cold. Work has been going good. Wednesday was probably the hottest day in kelowna. I worked poolbar and let me tell you, lifting booze up and down stairs, setting up speakers, walking around serving in hot weather is probably the best workout I have done all summer. Just try it, you will see. I could run for an hour straight and not get even close to that sweaty/sticky/tired. So as you could imagine I looked just fantastic. I'm surprised guests still ordered from me. But in that heat I don't think anyone cares. I drank at least 8 bottles of water.....every 2 hours!

So since this whole disney stir up i've been thinking alot about second co-op. Florida would be amazing i'm sure, but that opportunity will be there for me in the future so I think for right now I am going to stay in canada for second co-op. I'm torn between victoria and whistler. Carl, I know you are reading this and shaking your head at me about the whole victoria thing, but I do really miss my family/friends/horses. Maybe 10 weeks will be enough of them, but we shall see. Whistler would of course be an amazing experiance. Snowboard all day, work all night, save some money. One of my closest friends that I have made here in Kelowna wants to move there with me and lauren, which would be sooooo fun! All food for thought. Time to go work now, till next time...

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