Saturday, September 11, 2010

Quick trip to Vic

So this week I was mainly poolbar, and since the weather has not been great I had a few extra days off. I decieded to go and visit my sister in Vancouver and go to Victoria to see my mom and ride my horse. I drove back yesterday and than I worked the night shift at the liqour store training Lauren and Jenna. It was pretty fun. Wasn't too busy so after stocking and all that fun stuff we played some card games and lurked the internet trying to find some ideas of where to apply for second co-op. I didn't really come to any conclusions though, I am still undecided. So many choices!

So next week is my last week of work. Our supervisor is letting us end on the 20th so that we have a couple of days to pack and say goodbye to all of our friends here in Kelowna. I am in the liqour store for every shift! I do like working in the liqour store because there is a computer and I am able to get some school stuff done, however making no tips, well very minimal, is a bit hurting. Oh well. My goals are going great. I saved some money, just started to start working on getting healthy after a good summer, meeting alot of people with good hotel connections, as well as expanding my knowledge and learning tons in alot of different departments!! Well I better get going, I'm in the liqour store again right now with Jenna and we have some stocking to get done. Until next time... xoxo

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